Dr. Wallace Hodges, MD, Internist
Associate Medical Director

Dr. Hodges is an award-winning specialist in Internal Medicine, which he aptly describes as a disease detective. He focuses on what the patient has to say and uses their words and complaints as clues to diagnose a problem so he can fix it or refer the patient to someone who can. He adheres to the advice of Sir William Osler, MD, who states to “listen to your patient. They are telling you the diagnosis.”

He is happy to perform your routine physical and support your healthy lifestyle decisions, but he is most interested in solving problems and managing your health over the long term. He will cure what is curable and help you manage chronic health problems. He is trained to treat with medication but practices very careful consideration when prescribing these medications, paying particular attention to the risk:benefit ratios they provide. He also helps to coordinate and monitor specialty care.

“I emphasize education. I will explain physiology, pharmacology, and disease processes so that you understand them and can collaborate with me rather than be dependent on my knowledge.” – Dr. Wallace Hodges, MD