Jason Ballew, MAT
Chief Operations Officer

Jason was born and raised in Washington state and calls this area his forever home. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Washington State University and a Master at Teaching (MAT) degree from Seattle Pacific University, where he graduated amongst the top of his class.

Novari Primary Care was born when Jason and Karla had a revelation of how healthcare could be made better — how it could be more patient-centered, more focused on the patients who are home-bound, and more committed to the quality of care that is given instead of the quantity of patients that could be packed into a week. They also envisioned a practice that deeply involves active communication between the provider and the patient, their family, and their caregivers. Together, they have made this vision a reality.

Jason brings many strengths from teaching into healthcare. He uses his skills as an educator to bring clear, concise communication to staff members and the community, to train employees, and to create company documents and protocols that further the efficiency and effectiveness of Novari Primary Care.

Jason’s foremost passion is his wife, Karla, and daughters, Ari and Nova, and making forever memories with them. He enjoys sports, technology, politics, law, writing, and business.